The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Bookkeeping

We know how much work is involved in running a small business – we are one too!

It never ceases to amaze me how many builders & tradies complete their own bookkeeping. It’s the forgotten role because most people undervalue the service.
More often, the builder or tradie’s partner or mother takes on the responsibility and usually reluctantly, to show support to their loved one. But do they have the skills and knowledge and is this the most valuable use of their time?

On average, 80% of small businesses fail due to poor financial management.
Unfortunately, the top mistake made by many small businesses is believing they can do everything on their own, especially the bookkeeping!

When should you hire a bookkeeper?

The sooner the better! – Ideally you should hire one soon after starting your business but it’s never too late!

The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Bookkeeping

There are lots of reasons why you should outsource your bookkeeping, but here are the top 4 reasons why I think you should outsource yours …

Get Your Time Back

How much is your time worth? How could you be making better use of your time instead of trying to learn and do the bookkeeping?

Consider this

“if I spend my time doing ‘this’ v ‘that’; which one is going to give me more direct return from an income generating point of view?”

Why spend 6 hours when it would take a professional 2 hours. That 6 hours of time (not to mention the headspace & exhaustion) can be better utilised doing what you’re good at, being on the tools and developing and growing your business.

Don’t do things stopping you from income generation sucking up valuable, precious time which could be better spent elsewhere. If numbers aren’t your passion and you would rather focus on building your business, then outsourcing your bookkeeping makes perfect sense.

Remember, it’s not just about having more time to work on the business, it’s having time to spend with your family. Often, builders & tradies are spending their evenings and weekends doing their accounts. They miss out on family time and miss out on their kids growing up.

You just can’t put a value on that!

Remember, time is the most valuable asset you have.

We all have the same 1,440 minutes in a day. What determines your success is how you choose to spend that time. Don’t spend it on bookkeeping – the team at Books 4 Builders is here to lighten your load and do the books for you!

Stay in Control

One of the biggest challenges when you work for yourself is keeping up with everything!

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and feel out of control!

There are so many things as a builder or tradie you are trying to juggle:

  • Quotes and estimating;
  • Customer demands and satisfaction;
  • Supplier relationships;
  • Managing your apprentices and subcontractors;
  • Keeping on top of your invoicing schedule for stage payments;
  • Marketing and securing future jobs

There’s just so much to deal with!
Dealing with your accounts is just another thing to get done.

Stop Drowning in the Paperwork!!

Keeping up with your paperwork is the key to staying in control. Nothing will make you feel like you’re losing control more than drowning in paperwork.

Not being able to answer the important business questions:

  1. What stage is each job at and have they been invoiced?
  2. What customers owe you money?
  3. Have the employees completed and submitted their timesheets?
  4. How much do you owe subcontractors and suppliers and when?
  5. How are your actual costs comparing to your quotes on each job?

You just don’t know where you’re at, you’re constantly chasing your tail, you’ve lost control!

Costly mistakes are often made because things are missed or overlooked.
I’ve seen many clients who have:

  • Forgotten to invoice customers & made sure they paid on time;
  • Paid suppliers twice; and
  • Incorrectly paid employees.

All of this keeps them awake at night as they suddenly remember something else they haven’t done!

It doesn’t have to be this way. At Books 4 Builders we’ll look after all of this for you!

And best of all you can feel more in control of your business and sleep better at night!

Be Compliant

Are you well-versed in the ATO’s business compliance requirements?

Unreconciled and inaccurate accounts can lead to expensive consequences from miscalculations in your figures and inadvertently making errors in your BAS or payroll obligations.

Builders & tradies struggle to keep up with the mountain of ever-changing compliance and have no idea if they’re doing things the right way, often resulting in incorrect or late lodgements.

It’s important to realise whilst you can create a BAS report in most accounting software packages, it’s based on what you put into the system, so it’s not guaranteed to be correct. Remember the age old saying of “Garbage in, Garbage Out”?

A qualified BAS Agent knows what GST codes to apply to transactions and how to review the reports to ensure data accuracy before it gets lodged with the ATO.

Here at Books 4 Builders, we keep up with the ever-changing ATO compliance requirements, that’s our core business and this enables us to provide our customers with an effective and efficient service.

Help From an Expert

When was the last time you fixed your own car?

  • Did you change your brake pads the last time they’d worn out?
  • Did you replace the exhaust?
  • What about the last service, did you do that too?

You could do it. I’m sure you could find instructions online on how to do it.
It might take you a while and you might make a few mistakes, but you’d get there in the end.

You might lose a weekend or two or need to take time away from your business. Yes, this means you wouldn’t be able to earn money but at least you’d save money by not paying a mechanic.

Most people don’t fix their own cars. They get an expert to do it!

They outsource it to someone who is a licenced and trained professional, has spent years working on cars every day and who has all the tools necessary.

By engaging the services of a mechanic, an expert, you know you will:

  • get it done properly,
  • have it carried out quickly, and
  • leave you to focus on what’s more important.


Bookkeepers are Registered BAS Agents.

They are:

  • Registered with the Tax Practitioners Board
  • Required to satisfy certain qualifications and experience requirements
  • Experts in cloud accounting software
  • A voting member of a recognised BAS or Tax Agent Association

Best of all, they have been doing bookkeeping every day for years and they love what they do!

So, leave it to an expert reducing any potential errors and saving you hours and hours of time. Spend your time working on your business, earning more money, or spending time with family.

You didn’t go into business to be a bookkeeper, so why spend your time bookkeeping?
Leave it to the experts!!

Don’t Worry, You Don’t Hand It All Over…

Every business is different, and there are some day-to-day tasks that you’re best doing yourself.

With your car you don’t need an expert to:

  • fill up your fuel,
  • put air in your tyres, or
  • wash & vacuum it

For builders and tradies that’s estimating and quoting.

But wouldn’t it be great to use a bookkeeper to support your business weekly, monthly or quarterly, and to have an expert on hand when you need them.

A bookkeeper can use their expertise to clean up your accounts and set up your processes to help you operate efficiently and effectively.


Numbers are the language of business. It’s vital you have access to the right information and accurate numbers to run your business effectively.

These are things like:

  • knowing if your customers have paid;
  • knowing when your supplier invoices are due;
  • ensuring your staff are paid on time;
  • avoiding duplication errors; and
  • having up to date and accurate account information

You can have all of this with a good bookkeeper!

It doesn’t stop there!

A good bookkeeper can also let you know how your business is performing.

They can tell you what sales you’ve achieved, how much profit you’ve made or how much cash you have in the bank.

They can guide you and support you to give you the financial information you need so you can make better informed business decisions and improve your results.

Next Step

The best way to guarantee effective and accurate bookkeeping is to engage the services of an industry professional. Additionally, you can enjoy the peace of mind and added time to pursue business opportunities or important time with your family.

At Books 4 Builders we help builders and tradies with all of their bookkeeping needs. So why not take some of the pressure away and have a professional help with your bookkeeping requirements.

If you’d like to find out more about our services and to see if they are for you, book a 15-min discovery call today or email us at

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!